Academy of Aesthetic Gynaecology

Warszawa, ul. Racławicka 98

*The organizer reserves the right to change the training program and the scientific committee.
The title of the training:
Academy of Aesthetic Gynaecology
Scientific Committee:
Prof. Tomasz Paszkowski MD, PhD
Marta Blumska – Janiak MD
Place of training
The cost of participation in the training is 4305 PLN.
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Our offer, apart from treatments, includes training courses for doctors in aesthetic gynaecology. The training courses are conducted under the supervision of the best experts in aesthetic gynaecology and aesthetic medicine. The training courses are held at our company's premises.

We encourage you to read the framework for the training course.

1. Theoretical part

  • anatomic aspects of the functional and cosmetological defects in external female genital organs at the different stages of a woman’s life
  • endocrinological problems in cosmetogynecology
  • sexological problems in cosmetogynecology
  • pelvic organ prolapse and stress urinary incontinence
  • impact of obesity and weigh change on external female genital organs
  • elements of aesthetic medicine in menopause medicine
  • impact of cosmetological defects in external female genital organs on the quality of life
  • prevention and correction of anatomic and functional changes connected with pregnancy and childbirth
  • post-partum rehabilitation as an interdisciplinary problem
  • elements of cosmetic dermatology in gynaecological practice

2. Practical part – presentation of the world’s most common procedures in intimate area aesthetics (multimedia presentation of techniques, equipment presentation, hands-on-training – procedures on patients)

  • revitalisation / laser tightening of the vagina
  • vaginal lift
  • modelling and revitalisation of the labia major:
  1. filling (increasing the volume) of the labia majora
  2. shrinking (decreasing the volume) of the labia majora
  3. firming the labia majora and minora
  4. mons pubis lipolysis
  5. labia whitening
  •  labiaplasty
  • firming and tightening of labia minora
  • perineoplasty – perineum revitalisation / rejuvenation
  • correction of post-partum damages to the vagina / perineum
  • platelet-rich plasma and mesotherapy – revitalisation of the intimate areas
  • hoodoplasty

3. Marketing and PR in an Aesthetic Gynaecology surgery

  • how to promote your service in a private practice?
  • how to increase the number of patients ?