Trainings Center

At Holistic Clinic, we recognise the best Polish and foreign experts in the relevant therapeutic fields. Therefore, apart from treatments, our offer includes training courses for doctors. They are held under the supervision of the best experts invited to our modern clinic in Warsaw, 98 Racławicka Street.

Currently, we are holding training courses for doctors as part of our Academy of Aesthetic Gynaecology, addressed mainly at gynaecologists. HOLISTIC Clinic, as a reputable clinic and a forerunner in the use of innovative treatment and care methods, offers comprehensive training courses in addressed subjects. Doctors are provided with theoretical, practical and marketing knowledge by invited experts in their respective fields. Such a comprehensive package of information on treatments and how to use and promote them in a doctor’s surgery presents the holistic approach of our Clinic, which goes beyond a specific medical specialisation. The schedule of conventions and the program of training courses is updated on a continuous basis and can be found in the section about the Academy of Aesthetic Gynaecology.