Vectus laser hair removal

Cost of treatment:
from 150 PLN
Treatment time:
10- 60 min
The number of treatments in a series:
4- 8
The spacing:
4-8 weeks

Vectus laser hair removal

What is Vectus laser hair removal?

Vectus™ laser is the cutting-edge technology intended for hair removal. The system is FDA-approved, which confirms the effectiveness and safety of procedures using Vectus™ laser. In medical diode Vectus™ laser, many innovative solutions have been used, bringing out its extraordinary clinical effectiveness, safety, patient’s sensations and comfort.

What does Vectus session look like?

The device is equipped with SkinTel™ reader, which detects active melanin level in patient’s skin and, based on that, it adjusts the procedural parameters to eliminate the risk of skin burns.

Preparation for the procedure?

Four weeks before the procedure, tanning (sun-bathing, tanning booths) should be avoided. The following should not be used: local antibiotics, self-tanning products, creams containing vitamin C, retinol or fruit acids, photosensitizing drugs and other substances. The day before, the treated area should be shaven clean.

How does the procedure go?

The procedure starts with degreasing the skin and taking SkinTel readings to assess the active melanin level and adjust the procedural parameters. When the skin is prepared and parameters adjusted, the probe is applied and the area is worked on.

What are indications for the procedure?

Will to remove hair.

What can I expect afterwards?

With each session, hairs are more and more delicate and fewer in number. The effectiveness of the procedure depends on the right intervals between sessions, which are determined by the hair growth rate.

How many sessions are needed for the expected results?

Minimum 4.

What are the recommendations afterwards?

  • Tanning (sun-bathing, tanning booths) of the treated area is contraindicated for at least 2 weeks after the procedure.
  • Within 3 days after the procedure, it is recommended to avoid sports, sauna or hot tubs.
  • It is advised not to take photosensitizing drugs.
  • You should refrain from using cosmetics or exfoliating products for 2 weeks.
  • You should avoid deodorants and alcohol-based tonics.
  • Between the sessions, you must not remove hair with roots (e.g. wax or sugar paste hair removal).

Price list

Vectus™ - Laser Hair Removal

Area1 treatment (PLN)4 treatments (PLN)
Upper lip
250 zł550 zł
Chin, cheeks, neck
250 zł550 zł
Shoulders, eyebrows, , ears
250 zł550 zł
Arm pits / forearms / back of the neck
300 zł650 zł
300 zł650 zł
Backs of hands
150 zł350 zł
Back (Women)
200 zł350 zł
Back (men)
550 zł1200 zł
Chest (women)
200 zł450 zł
Chest (men)
450 zł950 zł
Around papillas
150 zł350 zł
Chin500 zł850 zł
Abdomen (men)
400 zł850 zł
White line (women)
200 zł450 zł
Bikini line
350 zł750 zł
Brazilian bikini
450 zł950 zł
Buttocks350 zł750 zł
Thighs (women)
600 zł1300 zł
Thighs (men)
600 zł1300 zł
Calves (women)
450 zł950 zł
Calves (men)
500 zł1050 zł
Legs900 zł1900 zł

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