Vaser ultrasound liposuction for the body

Cost of treatment:
from 5000 PLN
Treatment time:
60 min
The number of treatments in a series:

Vaser ultrasound liposuction for the body

Body redefining is one of key areas of the activity and offer of clinics specialising in aesthetic and regenerative medicine. They usually have a wide range of manual and machine treatments. Year by year, the interest in this field is increasing at a fast pace. Patients are increasingly impatient and look for fast and effective methods to get rid of unwanted folds, fatty casts, rolls of fat and other smaller or larger swells.

Currently, in line with the holistic approach to the patient, HOLISTIC Clinic offers body redefining using US-produced liposuction equipment called VASER. It is currently the most cutting-edge generation of liposuction equipment, which works by utilising the mild action of ultrasound. This technology allows ultrasound energy to be used for selecting the tissue and targeting unwanted adipose tissue. The tissues surrounding the target area – nerves, blood vessels, connective tissue – are less affected leading to a reduced injury after the procedure and accelerating the recovery. The full recovery takes 4 – 12 weeks.

Thanks to the use of ultrasound in VASER liposuction:

the doctor can control the shaping and “”redefining”” of the body more easily, the patient may return to their normal routine more quickly, and the procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia, which significantly reduces the possibilities of complications and does not require hospitalisation.
The difference between a standard procedure and VASER liposuction is that the latter involves separating adipose tissue and transforming it into emulsion using an ultrasound cannula and infiltration liquids. This makes the procedure much easier and improves its effects. VASER liposuction is performed using tumescent local anesthesia.

The procedure consists of the following stages:

  1. Administering aesthetic liquid into the subcutaneous tissue.
  2. Separating adipose tissue and transforming it into emulsion using an ultrasound cannula and infiltration liquids.
  3. Sucking out adipose tissue using special cannulas.

Benefits of choosing VASER liposuction include:

  • Faster recovery of the patient (local anaesthesia means that the patient is fully and quickly independent after the procedure)
  •  Less need for analgesics
  •  Minimal blood loss
  •  Less need for repeat procedures
  •  Predictable results of body refining
  •  Excellent retraction (skin shrinking) with the contour smoothing
  •  Greater precision in modelling the dream body shape
  •  Possibility of deriving fat cells that are suitable for graft or for extraction of stem cells
  •  No burdensome preparations for the procedure. If you want to find out whether liposuction is suitable for you, arrange a consultation with us!
    During a 45-minute appointment with a doctor who routinely performs VASER liposuction you will satisfy your curiosity and, as a consequence, shorten your arduous fight against the excess stubborn fat.
    Prepare and write down all the questions and information you need to make the final decision about the procedure.
    The doctor will respond to all your questions and doubts, and will help you to make the decision on the treatment method. The consultation cost is 250 PLN.
    It is included in the procedure cost, if you decide to undergo VASER liposuction at HOLISTIC Clinic.

Approximate cost of the procedure is:

  • abdomen area – from 6 000 to 8 000 PLN
  • waist area (so-called sides) – from 4 000 to 6 000 PLN

The final cost is determined on an individual basis during the consultation.

The consultation is conducted by Dr Damian Zaborowski


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