STORZ shock wave

Cost of treatment:
from 400 PLN
Treatment time:
20-40 min
The number of treatments in a series:
6- 12
The spacing:
5-7 days

STORZ shock wave

What is the shock wave?

The probe generates an acoustic wave characterized by high pressure dose and steep pressure gradient to the surroundings. Properties of the acoustic wave are utilized in esthetic medicine and physiotherapy. The acoustic wave stimulates tissues, improves intracellular metabolism and promotes new blood vessel formation.

What does the Storz procedure look like?

When touching skin, the STORZ probe generates an acoustic wave, which transfers energy by means of pressure. The energy is transferred into tissues and causes a break-down of fibers surrounding adipose cells. Then, the organism removes the scattered adipose cells in natural metabolic processes.

How does the procedure go?

An integral part of the procedure is taking a detailed history beforehand to exclude possible contraindications.
The next step is palpation and visual assessment of the fat tissue thickness in order to evaluate the degree of cellulite. The therapeutist starts the procedure with an acoustic wave. Gel is applied to the treated area to improve wave conduction. The procedure is painless and does not take time to recover. Afterwards, you can go back to your daily activities.

What can I expect afterwards?

  • Stimulation of blood and lymph microcirculation
  • Increased metabolism
  • Cellular matrix stimulation
  • Substance P release – painkilling effect
  • Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action
  • Stimulating growth factors (formation of new blood vessels, bones and collagen)
  • Stem cell stimulation

How many sessions are needed for the expected results?

Full treatment consists of 6 to 12 sessions (optimally 10). The best results are visible even 2 to 3 months since the last session. Once you have completed the entire series, the procedure should be repeated once a month to sustain the results.

What are the post-treatment recommendations?

  • Quick drainage after the procedure and / or physical activity
  • Drink 2 L of water daily
  • Light well-balanced diet

Price list

STORZ® shockwave

1 treatment (PLN)6 treatments [Package] (PLN)
Front thighs
400 zł2000 zł
Back thigh
400 zł2000 zł
Entire thighs – front and back
700 zł3000 zł
Abdomen400 zł2000 zł

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