Smart Aging face massage

Cost of treatment:
300 PLN
Treatment time:
approx. 45 minutes
The number of treatments in a series:
6 procedures
The spacing:
10 days

Smart Aging face massage

What is the Smart Aging face massage?

The Smart Aging massage is a lifting face massage and an excellent and safe alternative to a surgical facelift. Currently a very popular face modelling technique, it works with the muscles that act as the ‘scaffolding’ for our skin. As mimic muscles are attached directly to the skin, the elasticity, firmness and tension of facial skin depends on the quality and condition of those muscles. The Smart Aging face massage uses the right techniques to work on facial muscles, improving the blood circulation and oxygen flow, and giving the skin a beautiful colour and radiance. Additionally, relaxed muscles smoothen skin structures, making your face look very fresh and radiant.

What does the Smart Aging face massage involve?

The massage consists of three steps:

Step 1: Warming and stimulating the muscles, improving blood circulation and oxygenation of muscles

Step 2: Lymphatic drainage

Step 3: Lifting combined with Japanese massage, relaxation of facial muscles

Indications for Smart Aging face massage

The Smart Aging massage can be used by people with different skin types, affected by the following problems:

  • loss of skin firmness and volume
  • grey, sallow skin colour
  • fatigued skin
  • insufficient sleep
  • susceptibility to swelling (also in the under-eye area)

Effects of the Smart Aging face massage

The Smart Aging face massage lifts the facial contour, improves skin plumpness, smoothens deep wrinkles, evens out skin colour and makes your face look fresh and radiant.

The Smart Aging face massage is an excellent procedure before banquets.

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