Salicyl peel Mesoestetic

Cost of treatment:
(Polski) 300 zł
Treatment time:
30 min
The number of treatments in a series:
The spacing:
10-14 days
Neck, decollete, hands

It is salicylic acid derived from the weeping willow, cottonwood or oak bark.
It is classified as a beta-hydroxy acid (BHA). It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect, promotes healing of lesions and irritation in active acne. It is a fat-soluble acid, so it easily penetrates through sebum. It cleanses follicles and pores.

What does the procedure look like?

Salicylic acid is a medical product used for exfoliation. When applied on skin, it can cause some irritation. It is recommended for normal, thick, non-sensitive and oily skin. The procedure is performed when the sunlight is not very intensive.

How does the procedure go?

During the procedure, chemical peel is applied onto a prepared skin in one or several layers depending on the skin characteristics and type of problem. The substance is kept and acts on the skin for a few minutes to a quarter of an hour on average, which also is very individual.
The patient may experience pins and needles, burning or tight skin sensation.

What are indications for the procedure?

small wrinkles
loss of elasticity and firmness
loss of glare
moles (epidermal), e.g. post-inflammatory
active acne
blocked pores

What can I expect afterwards?

When regularly repeated, the procedure causes skin thinning, which triggers collagen fiber regeneration. It has a soothing, cleansing effect, stimulates dermal regeneration. By scraping off the epidermis, it significantly reduces acne, blackheads and moles. It increases skin firmness and smoothness, which brings out a rejuvenation effect.

How many sessions are needed for the expected results?

For the optimal results, a series of minimum 5 sessions at 10- to 14-day intervals is advised. To sustain the results, we recommend repeating the procedure once every 4 to 6 weeks.

What care does my skin need afterwards?

Immediately after the procedure, some irritation and redness can occur, which resolve within a few hours. After a few days, mild peeling can occur, you need to wait through this process and do not use any exfoliation to enhance it. On the first day after treatment, you should use no make-up. You should avoid sun exposure and tanning booths for 4 weeks, as well as use sunscreen (min. 30 SPF) and comply to your cosmetologist’s recommendations on skin care.