ROXY sugar paste

Treatment time:
15 min
The spacing:
14-21 days

ROXY sugar paste

What is it ?

Sugar paste hair removal will calm your skin for 2 or 3 weeks. It is an ideal method of hair removal for people with allergies or suffering from broken capillaries.

What does it look like?

In this form of treatment, ‘balls’ of sugar paste are applied to the skin, and then forcefully torn off in the direction of hair growth, in contrast to wax hair removal when the opposite direction is preferred, which decreases the risk of ingrown hairs, is less painful and does not break the hair. It is safe for sensitive skin, because it does not cause broken capillaries, irritation or burns. It leaves skin well-nourished and soft. The treatment can be applied even to very short hair.

How does the procedure go?

During the procedure, ‘balls’ of sugar paste are applied on a prepared (i.e. degreased) skin, and then forcefully torn off in the direction of hair growth. After hair removal, the remaining product is cleaned off (which is very easy compared to classic wax, because the paste is made of sugar), the skin is disinfected and a soothing lotion is applied.

What are the indications?

Every type of hair except for male facial hair.

What can I expect afterwards?

Soft, well-nourished skin without unwanted hair.

How many sessions are necessary for the results?

After a single session, the unwanted hair is removed. It is not permanent so the treatment must be repeated after the hair regrowth.

What care does my skin need afterwards?

After hair removal, depending on the skin and hair type, redness can persist for maximum 1 day and during that time we advise you to avoid sunlight

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