Radiesse filler

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Radiesse filler

What is the treatment with Radiesse preparation?

Radiesse filler is a treatment that involves injecting calcium hydroxylapatite to replenish lost tissue and stimulate collagen. Calcium hydroxylapatite is safe and completely biodegradable, subject to full absorption. Thanks to its properties, it stimulates collagen production, which has a significant impact on skin density and a lifting effect.

What does the treatment with Radiesse preparation involve?

The preparation is applied intradermally by means of a cannula, forming a fan scaffold beneath the skin and giving an immediate filling effect thanks to the gel matrix of the preparation.
In the second stage, stimulation of fibroblasts occurs. Over time, the gel is absorbed by macrophages and disappears. It’s place is taken by new collagen produced by fibroblasts. New collagen is produced around calcium hydroxylapatite microparticles, which form a “”scaffold”” in tissues and stimulate production of collagen fibres. As a result, the volume and contour improves, there is a pronounced lifting and increased density of the skin.

What happens during the procedure?

The treatment area is locally anaesthetised with anaesthetic cream, then after a thorough disinfection of the skin an aesthetic medicine doctor marks the injection spots and vectors of preparation application to ensure high precision of the procedure. The preparation is applied using a cannula to ensure even application of the preparation over a large area for natural appearance. In addition, a cannula ensures a safe application and reduces traumatisation of local tissues. After the procedure, the doctor massages the preparation applied so that it can be evenly integrated with the skin. After the procedure the skin may be red, there may be small bruises lasting for several days, the skin is mildly swollen, for 2-3 days the patient may feel small protuberances where the preparation was applied, but they will automatically disappear.

What are the indications for the procedure?

  • modelling of cheeks,
  • areas of zygomatic bone and jaw line
  • elimination of Marionette lines
  • facial contour improvement
  • improved skin density
  • hand modelling
  • acne scars

What effects can be expected after the procedure?

The effects appear immediately after the procedure; thanks to the gel matrix the effect of plumping up and tightening of the skin is noticeable. Over time, the gel is absorbed by macrophages and its place is taken by collagen produced thanks to calcium hydroxylapatite; the newly created web of collagen fibres ensures long-lasting strengthening of the dermis structure. The facial contour is improved, there is an effect of lifting and increased density of the skin. The lifting effect lasts around a year, with some patients enjoying it even for two years.
How many treatments are required to achieve the desired effect?
Usually, one treatment is sufficient to achieve the desired effect; after 3-4 months and complete rebuilding of the skin structure a follow up procedure may be performed.

What skin aftercare is needed?

Immediately after the procedure the skin may be red with visible injection spots. The patient may return to their day-to-day activities right after the procedure, not downtime is required. For 3-4 days, more careful skincare of the injection spots is necessary, for a few days a mild swelling may remain where the preparation was applied.


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Radiesse filler

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One ampoule (1,5 ml)1800 zł

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