Mona Lisa Touch™

Cost of treatment:
from 1500 PLN
Treatment time:
40 min
The number of treatments in a series:
The spacing:
4 weeks

Mona Lisa Touch™

Stress urinary incontinence is caused by the weakening of pelvic floor muscles (Kegel muscles) which as a result don’t contract correctly and don’t tighten the urethra. It may also be due to the stretching of the vagina leading to a change in the angle of the urethra. This results in unintentional urine leakage.
Involuntary urine leakage only occurs in situations of increased intra-abdominal pressure, e.g. while laughing, coughing, sneezing and during more intensive physical effort. At rest, the discomforts are not observed.
The problem is a very common disorder and affects many women after a natural childbirth or after menopause. In Poland, this group consists of around 3 to 5 million female patients. Within the group of women over 30, the percentage may increase to 30%, while for those over 50 – to almost 60%.
Untreated stress urinary incontinence results in a significant deterioration of the quality of life due to an unpleasant odour of urine leakage and occurrence of complications such as urinary tract infection, birth canal infection and crutch skin eczema.
The diagnosis of stress urinary incontinence is made based on a characteristic medical history and by conducting diagnostic tests. The most common ones include Bonney test and pad tests, which enable an objective assessment of the severity of stress incontinence and effectiveness of pharmacological treatment and physiotherapy.
Urine leakage during forced cough allows stress urinary incontinence to be diagnosed. The treatment depends on the severity of symptoms. One of treatment options is laser therapy or injecting bladder walls with botulinum toxin (BOTOX).

What is the laser treatment?

The treatment involves photothermal, non-ablative tightening of the vagina. The laser light strengthens the vaginal wall, in-utero fascia and the area of the urethral meatus. The effect is stimulation of collagen fibres of the vaginal mucosa, tissue contraction, and by extension, reduction of the angle of the urethra and restoration of its proper functioning.

The laser treatment consists of two phases:

Phase I
Just before the laser treatment is commenced, the patient’s vagina (vulval vestibule, vaginal opening and canal) is thoroughly cleansed, and the disinfectant is gently dried and removed from the mucous membrane. The next stage is to insert into the patient’s vagina a dedicated laser speculum that serves as a system for laser beam delivery. The laser speculum enables precise targeting of the frontal vaginal wall. The laser energy is applied along the front vaginal wall during a few runs and accumulated successively along the vaginal canal without over-accumulation through straight, progressive pulling of the laser hand piece out of the laser speculum. The laser energy is applied and produces a thermal effect on the mucosa tissue and the pubic-cervical fascia of the vaginal wall resulting in contraction of collagen in vaginal mucosa.
Phase II
The procedure is repeated in the area of the vulval vestibule and vaginal opening using a hand piece emitting laser beam ahead. In order for the heat to have a proper effect on collagen, the laser energy must thoroughly cover the whole area of the treated mucosa.
The procedure lasts approximately 30 minutes.

What is the effect of the procedure?

The effect of the procedure is gradual regaining of control over physiological functions. The full effect occurs after approximately one month. One procedure is usually sufficient. However, if needed, the procedure can be repeated after 4 weeks.
The laser treatment is safe, does not cause bleeding, painless, and does not require any hospitalisation.

After-treatment advice:

After the treatment, the patient can return to her normal routine. Serous transudate may occur, therefore it is advisable to use pads until the transudate ceases. After the procedure, a week’s sexual abstinence is recommended.
It is also recommended to do Kegel muscle exercises regularly. In the case of women post menopause, appropriate hormone therapy may prolong the effect of the procedure.


urinary tract and birth canal infections
lack of correct Papanicolaou test and pelvic organ ultrasound scan

Who performs the procedure:

Holistic Clinic hires the most distinguished specialists in the field of gynaecology, aesthetic gynaecology and plastic surgery in Poland:
Blicharczyk MD, PhD

During the first appointment, a thorough gynaecological history is gathered, gynaecological examination is conducted and appropriate tests (e.g. gynaecological examination) are ordered to exclude contraindication and possible anatomic changes that disqualify for the procedure.

Price of the procedure:

The price depends on the treatment schedule established by the specialist and on the number of treatments. In most cases, 1-2 laser treatments are sufficient.

Price list

Mona Lisa Touch™

 Treatment (PLN)
First Mona Lisa Touch™ treatment
1 500 zł
3 Mona Lisa Touch™ treatments package3 000 zł

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