Medical peels

Treatment time:
10 min
The number of treatments in a series:
5 - 7

Medical peels

Medical (chemical) peels refer to a procedure of exfoliating dead skin cells to reveal a smoother and glowing skin.

How does medical peel work

Medical peels are not only about exfoliating dead skin cells. Depending on chemical composition, concentration and substance applied, we can treat the skin in different ways. The most frequently used preparations in chemical peels are hydroxy acids. They can include AHA acids (?- hydroxy acids), BHA acids (?- hydroxy acids) and PHA (polyhydroxy acids). Depending on how they work on the skin, we can distinguish superficial acids, which work only on the surface of the epidermis, medium acids, which reach the dermis, and deep acids, which penetrate the lower layer of the dermis.

No matter which type of acids is chosen, the effect will always be tissue regeneration as a result of damage, elimination and regeneration of skin. Treatments using acids are always accompanied by a controlled inflammation.

How is the treatment performed?

Medical peel is applied to the facial skin by an aesthetic medicine doctor; treatment duration may vary depending on the peel type and chemical substance used; the peel type is chosen on an individual basis to suit the skin needs after a prior medical consultation. After a certain time of application, the peel is neutralised and soothing substances are applied.

What are the indications for the treatment?

  • wrinkles,
  • loss of flexibility and firmness,
  • loss of skin glow,
  • discolouration,
  • skin roughness.

What effects can be expected after the treatment?

  • increased density and regeneration of collagen and elastin fibres of the skin
  • reduction of lines
  • enhanced tone, moisture level and condition of the skin
  • reduction of discolouration, scars, roughness and visible enlarged pores of the skin.

How many treatments are necessary to achieve the desired effect?

The number of treatments is determined on an individual basis; usually, there are 5-7 treatments; the number also depends on the type of peel

What skin aftercare is needed?

The skin should be moisturised and cleansed; you must absolutely avoid the sunshine and apply cream with high-factor sunscreen. The best period for medical peels is autumn and winter time.

Price list

Medical peel

Type of peel
1 treatment (PLN)6 treatments (PLN)
Glycopeel250 zł1000 zł
Lactic peel
300 zł1500 zł
Azelaic300 zł1500 zł
Almond300 zł1500 zł
Salicylic300 zł1500 zł
Pyruvic300 zł1500 zł
MELA (discolourations)
380 zł1800 zł
300 zł1500 zł
300 zł1500 zł
Peeling TCA
450 zł
Type of peel1 treatment (PLN)4 treatments (PLN)
Type of peel1 treatment (PLN)3 treatments (PLN)
PQAge Evolution400 zł1100 zł
Type of peel1 treatment (PLN)2 treatments (PLN)
RETINOL-OIL PEEL450 zł860 zł

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