Liposhock ultrasounds

Cost of treatment:
from 400 PLN
Treatment time:
20 - 40 min
The number of treatments in a series:
6 - 10
The spacing:
2 times a week
Abdomen, thighs, buttocks

LipoShock makes it possible to effectively fight cellulite and reduce local fatty tissue, which disturb normal body proportions.
The device utilizes ultrasound waves, which thanks to their properties focus on breaking down the fat sparing surrounding tissues.

What is LipoShock?

Acoustic waves cause fat cells to break down, and so they reduce the ‘orange peel skin’ even at advanced stages (so-called fibrous cellulite). Breaking down cells reduces pressure on blood vessels, promotes drainage and restoration of normal skin function. The released fat is excreted.

How does the procedure go?

On the treated area, transmission gel is applied so that the acoustic waves can penetrate into deep tissues. During the procedure, you may experience pins and needles, burning or itching. Also, transient redness can occur.

What are the indications?

  • local accumulation of fat
  • edema
  • cellulite
  • slow metabolism

What can I expect afterwards?

After a series of sessions, your skin will be well-nourished and oxygenated while its quality and appearance will improve. Additionally, you will observe fatty tissue and cellulite reduction, so the treated area will look slimmer and regenerated.

How many sessions are needed for the expected results?

The best results can be observed after 10 sessions, two sessions a week at most.

What are the recommendations afterwards?

To facilitate removal of the broken-down fat, we advise you to drink minimum 2 liters of water daily during a series of sessions. We also advise you to hold on to mild physical activity and reasonable diet.