Cost of treatment:
150-200 PLN
Treatment time:
from 5 to 20 minutes
The number of treatments in a series:
10 series 2-3 treatments per week
The spacing:
2-3 weeks


What is LED LPL Lamp?

The LED light has an extremely wide range of effects – both in terms of aesthetic treatments and therapeutic properties. The number of light rays that actually penetrate into the skin is only 5-10%. Therefore, for the results to be visible, the lamp must emit light pulses of sufficient power. The LED LPL Lamp uses the world’s first high-power LEDs, which makes it currently the most powerful and thus most effective lamp on the market. 

What is the LPL LED treatment?

The procedure is completely non-invasive. After putting special protective glasses on, the patient has their selected body area exposed.

Which parts of the body can be treated?

Most parts of the body can be treated. Your Holistic Clinic will carefully evaluate your skin condition and choose the optimal therapy tailored individually to your skin needs.

Indications for treatment 

Phototherapy with the LED LPL Lamp has a very wide application, thanks to the emission of waves of three different lengths and colours – blue, red and infra-red. The individual waves can be combined and mixed together depending on the disease and the desired effect. The lamp has rejuvenating, firming and healing properties, as well as support aesthetic medicine treatments. 

Rejuvenating features: 

  • wrinkle reduction
  • reduction of skin discolourations caused by photoageing
  • reducing the visibility of stretch marks and scars
  • more firm skin of the whole body

Healing effect:

  • acne treatment
  • treatment of vitiligo 
  • treatment of psoriasis

Phototherapy with the Led LPL lamp is also an ideal addition to medical treatments and aesthetic surgery. It makes the skin regenerate faster, removes bruises and swelling, reduces healing time, reduces pain and has an antibacterial effect. Thanks to this, the effects of treatments are better, and the recovery time – much shorter.

Price list


1 treatment (PLN)150-200 zł

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