Infrared Skin Tyte™

Cost of treatment:
750 - 3200 PLN
Treatment time:
15 min
The number of treatments in a series:
4 - 6
The spacing:
2 weeks

Infrared Skin Tyte™

What is SkinTyte™?

SkinTyte™ broadband light treatment is an excellent rejuvenation therapy for patients with sagging skin. The SkinTyte™ treatment is completely safe without any downtime. The effect is a more youthful appearance and lifting of the facial skin.

How is the treatment performed?

The SkinTyte™ treatment utilises infrared energy to deeply heat dermal collagen. This process facilitates partial denaturation and contraction of collagen. The heat also initiates a natural healing process of the body, which creates a new collagen leading to increased skin firmness. Powerful cooling helps to maintain low temperature of the outer layer of your skin before, during, and after each pulse providing you a comfortable and safe procedure.

What are the indications for the treatment?

The SkinTyte™ treatment is recommended to those who seek a mild to moderate, noticeable skin improvement without surgery. The treatment is safe for all skin colours and body areas. The most often treated areas include the face, neck, abdomen and arms. For treatment options, you should consult your doctor.

What effects can be expected after the treatment?

The effects of the SkinTyte™ treatment vary from patient to patient. The full effect can be observed after around 3 months, as this is how long it takes for collagen to rebuild and strengthen.

How many treatments are required to achieve the desired effect?

The number of required treatments varies from patient to patient A doctor can develop a treatment plan depending on desired effects. For optimal effects – a series of 4-6 treatments is recommended. A doctor may also suggest performing the SkinTyte™ treatment together with another procedure of aesthetic medicine.

What aftercare is needed?

No special skin care regimen is required after the treatment. However, you should protect your skin from excessive sun exposure and use sunscreen.

Price list

Skin Tyte Sciton®

1 treatment
3 treatments
1950 zł 5300 zł
Neck1750 zł4600 zł
Face + neck
3100 zł8150 zł
Face + neck + decollete3700 zł9900 zł
Areas of the eyes
900 zł2300 zł
Abdomen2300 zł6050 zł
Buttocks2300 zł6050 zł

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