HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser

Cost of treatment:
from 3950 PLN
Treatment time:
1 hour 30 minutes
The number of treatments in a series:
The spacing:
4-5 weeks

HALO™ Hybrid Fractional Laser

What is HALO™ Hybrid Fractiona Laser?

HALO™ is a fractional laser using hybrid technology combining the non-ablative (470nm) and ablative (2,940nm) wavelengths; this makes possible to control coagulation zones and to choose the depth of impact on the skin to stimulate neocollagenesis. Thanks to applying this cutting edge and unique technology, the recovery time is short, and the effect of action in the form of deep skin rejuvenation and epidermis regeneration is fast and permanent.

How does ProFractional Therapy™ work?

HALO™ uses a laser beam in order to provide treatment to the skin, creating fractional zones of ablation with coagulation in it, which is unique and allows to have perfect effects at less invasive procedure. The healthy tissue surrounding these zones makes healing faster. This response of the skin in the form of healing tissue causes that new collagen is being generated, which adds turgidity and elasticity to the skin, generating the “new” and healthy skin.

What effects can I expect after the treatment?

You can expect fuller, more brilliant skin with even structure and texture. Skin discolorations will be reduced, and the growth of new collagen will ensure larger volume of the skin, which is to help smoothly soften lines and wrinkles. The skin will be regenerated and healthier.

What parts of the body can be treated?

Most of the body parts can be treated. Face and neck are popular zones, yet many people decide to treat the neckline. A Holistic Clinic doctor will assess thoroughly the skin condition and select the optimal therapy tailored to the needs of your skin.

How many treatments are needed to have the desired effect?

Perfect effects can be achieved as early as after one treatment, yet the number of needed treatments varies, depending on individual patients. A Holistic Clinic doctor can make an individual treatment plan for you, taking into consideration your needs. The doctor can also recommend combining HALO™ hybrid laser treatment with some other esthetic medicine procedure, in order to achieve desired effects. The whole procedure usually consists of two or three treatments with the interval from four to five weeks. The effects of HALO™ hybrid laser therapy are long lasting or even permanent.

What is the treatment procedure?

The zones of the skin to be treated will be cleansed, and the skin anesthetized with anesthetic cream. The eyes will be protected with special covers. The unique head of HALO™ hybrid laser will be placed on the skin to be delicately moved on the patient’s face. During the laser operation you will hear a silent sound evidencing the laser treatment to your skin. The laser device will be being moved to the neighboring parts of the skin, until the whole zone under the treatment is covered. The unique head of HALO™ hybrid laser is integrated with cooling, which makes the treatment more comfortable. The procedure takes 20 to 30 minutes on average.

Will there be any discomfort or pain?

HALO™ hybrid laser therapy is considered as a comfortable procedure, usually well tolerated after application of local anesthetic cream. In addition, the unique head of the laser provides cooling during the treatment, increasing the patient’s comfort.

How much time does it take to have the skin as desired?

The total healing usually takes place after several days and is shorter than at currently applied fractional laser procedures. Most patients feel good enough to come back to work or potentially to make up as early as 3 – 4 days after the treatment. A slight swelling can appear, it will disappear after several days after the treatment. Reddening continues during a couple of days. As there is no bleeding during the treatment, the healing process is fast, contrary to aggressive lasers. After your treatment you will receive the detailed instructions so that the healing process would be fast and with the best effect for the look of and rebuilding your skin.

What care will be needed after the treatment?

Your skin after the treatment will be ultraviolet light-sensitive, so avoid direct exposure to sun until the skin heals totally. Continuous protection against sun is recommended, to avoid adverse effect of sun rays to the skin. After your treatment you will receive the detailed instructions so that the healing process would be fast and with the best effect for the look of and rebuilding your skin. Appropriate care, moisturizing the skin with professional dermal cosmetics are the key issues; in addition, avoid scratching these skin zones, which peel off delicately.

When can I expect the effect?

You will see the effect of skin texture improvement in several days after the treatment in the skin healing process. Discolorations will be reduced, your skin will be brightened and without imperfections. Later on, collagen rebuilding takes place during 2 to 3 months.

Price list

Halo™ - Hybrid Fractional Laser

 1 treatment
2 treatments
3 treatments
One areastarts with 800 zł
Face3950 zł 7200 zł9000 zł
Neck2050 zł 3600 zł5200 zł
Neck + hands3950 zł 7200 zł9000 zł
Neck + decolletage3950 zł 7200 zł9000 zł
Decolletage or hands2050 zł 3600 zł5200 zł
Face + neck5000 zł8000 zł
Face + neck + decolletage6600 zł11500 zł
PACKET Halo™ + BBL™4850 zł8400 zł
PACKET Halo™ + PRP4950 zł8900 zł
PACKET Halo™ + BBL™ + PRP5950 zł10100 zł

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