FUE hair transplant

Cost of treatment:
from 10 900 PLN
Treatment time:
from 3 to 8 hours
The number of treatments in a series:

FUE hair transplant

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is the latest method for hair transplant from the occipital region (back of the head) to the thinning areas (usually the top of the head and receding hairline).

During the treatment, follicular units are extracted using special devices, 0.8 mm in minimal diameter.

Then, hair follicles are counted, assessed and prepared for being implanted on the donor area.

The treatment is performed within one day, and does not require the patient to resign from their day-to-day activities. It does not require any special preparation, although it is necessary to meet a few important conditions: before the treatment, you need to have basic blood tests for overall health state and blood clotting performed. Several days before the treatment, you shouldn’t take blood-thinning drugs (e.g. aspirin), drink alcohol, strong coffee or tea. On the treatment day, it is advisable to have a light breakfast, and if needed to take drugs that are taken routinely. As the scalp is locally anaesthetised, the patient can return home on the day of the treatment on their own.

Indications for the treatment

The FUE hair transplant procedure is specifically addressed to all those suffering from androgenetic alopecia. This type of alopecia occurs mainly in men, but women often struggle with it as well. The problem may already occur at the age of 18-20 and lead to serious complexes and even depression episodes. With patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia, it is very important to know the causes of their disorder and treatment options. To prevent further problems, it is vital to include treatment on top of the hair implant.

This therapy method is also a solution for people with scars. Using FUE method, we can graft follicular units and hide unaesthetic and ugly scars on the scalp.

Factors impacting the planning of the treatment and its effects:

An important thing is prior assessment of the patient’s scalp condition. During the consultation, a detailed interview is conducted including assessment of the state of health, intercurrent disorders and possibilities of performing the procedure. Then, the scalp area is assessed:

– area with thinning hair – in order to estimate the necessary number of follicles, we ask the patient about their expectations

– donor area – to verify the realistic possible number of follicles that can be extracted

Then, together with the patient we discuss the realistic effect of the procedure and choose the best and safest transplant option.

The best effect of the procedure is achieved when the donor area is rich in dark, dense hair. Another important aspect is the dynamics of the alopecia process – the procedure in the case of an older patient with a less intensive process of alopecia will differ from that in the case of a young person who reports exacerbation of hair loss over recent months or years. Additionally, an important piece of information is genetic background of alopecia.

What is the healing process like:

The healing period after the procedure is very short. The donor area usually heals within approximately 1 week. After this period, scabs on the sites where hair was extracted get separated and the treatment area is covered by hair that grows around it.

The recipient area heals within approximately 10-14 days. During this period, particular precautions should be taken not to damage the delicate transplant area. The recipient area should be regularly moisturised with physiological saline, and you should avoid rubbing the treatment area. During this period, you should refrain from physical effort, activities that may lead to contact with or superinfection of the treatment areas and from wearing tight headwear. The hair that was grafted enters the telogen phase and falls out. New hair grows after several months, and the full effect of the procedure can be enjoyed after approximately 9 months.

The cost of the procedure depends on the number of grafted follicles:

  • Small procedure 500-800 follicles (procedure duration: 3-4h) 10 000 PLN
  • Small+ 800-1000 follicles (procedure duration: 4-5h) 13 000 PLN
  • Medium 1000-1200 follicles (procedure duration: 5-6h) 15 600 PLN
  • Large 1200-1400 follicles (procedure duration: 6-7h) 18 200 PLN

Price list

FUE hair transplant

Type of treatment
1 treatment (PLN)
500-800 hair follicles (treatment time: up to 3h)
10 900 zł
800-1000 hair follicles (treatment time: 3-4h)
13 000 zł
1000-1200 hair follicles (treatment time: 4-5h)
15 900 zł
1200-1400 hair follicles (treatment timeu: 5-6h)
18 200 zł
1400-1600 hair follicles (treatment time: 6-7h)
20 900 zł
1600-1800 hair follicles (treatment time: 7-8h)
23 400 zł

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