CGF One – concentrated growth factors

Cost of treatment:
from 1200 PLN
Treatment time:
30-70 min
The number of treatments in a series:
The spacing:
4-6 weeks
Neck, decollete, hands
Around the eyes

What is CGF One?

The treatment is dedicated to small areas such as: back of hand, neck, eye and mouth areas, and the scalp with hair. It is a perfect treatment for those who enter the world of aesthetic medicine and skin regeneration. The method is 100% natural, and makes use of the potential of the patient’s blood. The treatment is also available in the version for men – CGF One Gentleman.

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment involves drawing the patient’s blood, which following centrifugation in a cell separator and proper “processing” is applied into the skin through small intradermal punctures – mesotherapy -as well as using the technique of subcutaneous application, e.g. with a cannula. A stronger and long-lasting stimulation is achieved by administering gel suspended material (Activated Plasma Albumin Gel)

What does the treatment involve?

The treatment involves drawing the patient’s blood, which is then span in a specially programmed cell separator, resulting in the final material being rich in growth factors and stem cells. After the material is prepared in accordance with an appropriate procedure protocol, a highly concentrated product is received and applied intradermally and subcutaneously.

What are the indications for the treatment?

  • Loss of skin firmness and resilience
  • Facial skin laxity
  • Bruises under the eyes
  • Neck and hand skin laxity
  • Hair loss

What effects can be expected after the treatment?

Immediately after the treatment, small bruises, mild oedema and soreness may occur in the puncture spot, but they will subside automatically within a few days. The first lasting effects will appear after approximately three weeks from the treatment and will include: improvement of skin firmness and tightness, reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, and skin regeneration.

How many treatments are required to achieve the desired effect?

CGF One requires 3 treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart depending on the treatment area and procedure.

What aftercare is required?

Immediately after the treatment, you should use gentle products that accelerate skin regeneration and keep the skin clean During the day, sunscreen should be applied. For 3-4 days, you should not use sauna or swimming pool, and avoid sunbathing.