Cavitation peeling

Treatment time:
20 min
The number of treatments in a series:
The spacing:
7-14 days

Cavitation peeling

What is the treatment using?

It is a completely painless treatment that can be performed on any type of complexion, and is especially recommended to those with a sensitive, capillary, dry skin. Cavitation peeling is also suitable for those struggling with acne (noninflammatory form). The procedure is also recommended to prepare the skin for beauty treatments. It is performed to remove keratinised epidermis and surface impurities.

How is the procedure performed?

The procedure begins with a thorough make-up removal using a preparation suitable for a given skin type. Then, the cosmetologist damps the skin area to be treated and proceeds to perform cavitation peeling using a special hand piece ended with a metal spatula that vibrates at high frequency. The cosmetologist touches the skin with the device and slowly moves over it.

What are the indications for the procedure?

  • Rosacea
  • acne vulgaris
  • Capillary skin
  • Dry skin

What effects can be expected after the procedure?

  • Refreshed skin tone
  • Removal of keratinised epidermis
  • better moisturised skin

How many treatments are required to achieve the desired effect?

After a single treatment the skin feels refreshed; for sustained effects, a series of 5 treatments is recommended.

What aftercare will be need?

Home skincare routine, if proper, should be unchanged or skincare tips recommended by the cosmetologist during the treatment should be implemented.

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