Cost of treatment:
from 600 PLN
Treatment time:
20 min
The number of treatments in a series:
The spacing:
5-7 months
Neck, decollete, hands
Around the eyes

What is botox?

Botox – botulinum toxin is a substance that blocks neuromuscular transmission. The substance, applied in a highly targeted way and in proper doses, blocks muscle contraction thus reducing the existing wrinkles. The treatment of botulinum toxin application by an aesthetic medicine doctor is completely safe and highly effective.

What does botox application treatment involve?

The aesthetic medicine doctor assesses the work of specific muscles and precisely chooses the quantity of botulinum toxin units; then the preparation is applied into the muscle using a needle. The effect of the preparation builds up slowly, with the muscle contracting less and less actively; the full effect is visible after 2 weeks.

What are the indications for the treatment?

-crow’s feet
-lion’s wrinkle,
-wrinkles running across the forehead

What effects can be expected after the treatment?

Several days after the treatment, the strength of muscle contraction becomes weaker resulting in reduction of wrinkles and a more glowing and rested face. The full effect is achieved after 2 weeks; the effect lasts approximately 4-6 months, after that period the muscle contraction returns to the original state.

How many treatments are required to achieve the desired effect?

One procedure is sufficient to effectively reduce the visibility of wrinkles.

What aftercare is needed?

You should keep the treatment area clean avoiding massaging it; for 3-4 days you cannot use a swimming pool, sauna, gym, and should avoid exposure to the sun.