Blepharoplasty surgical eyelid correction

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4500 PLN
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Blepharoplasty surgical eyelid correction

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) is one of the most popular types of facial plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Removal of excess eyelid skin may result in face rejuvenation and improve the appearance and vision quality. Performance of this treatment will mitigate or, in some cases, completely eliminate some problems connected with the operation of the eye protective mechanism or with limited field of vision.


When should you decide to undergo the treatment?

Indications for eyelid surgery include: excess skin in upper and lower eyelids caused by gradual skin ageing, loss of skin resilience and vision impairment as a result of excess skin. In such cases, the eyelid skin gets flabby, starts sagging and forming unaesthetic folds, which in some cases reach eyelash edge and narrow down palpebral fissure. In some patients we observe fatty hernias visible through the skin, which result from weakening of the eyelid structure. Excess eyelid skin causes such symptoms as fatigue, limited field of vision, sense of imbalance, headaches.
At HOLISTIC Clinic, the procedure is performed by an expert doctor with a long professional experience in facial and neck surgery. We have a modern treatment room and qualified, highly professional medical staff.
Lower eyelid surgery consists of making an incision below the lash line, which leaves practically no scar after the treatment, then the skin is separated to the lower edge of the eye orbit, and, if needed, the orbital septum is incised to remove excess adipose tissue eliminating the so-called fat bags under the eyes. The last stage of the procedure is removing an appropriate amount of skin so as not to leave the eyelid curled up. This short and highly effective procedure is completed by stitching the wound. To protect against infection, ointment with antibiotic is applied on the wound. The excellent effects of the procedure of upper and lower eyelid correction are long-lasting and optically rejuvenate the whole face making you feel more confident, more open and free from the complex of ageing. When your hidden eyeball is revealed giving you as a result a more defined face, you are likely to be perceived as determined and full of vitality. As the procedure is performed within a short time, is gentle and painless, no hospitalisation is required, and the patient may quickly return to their normal activities, these treatments are very popular, not only among older, but also middle-age people.

Qualification for the treatment

Pre-treatment consultation in the case of people arriving from distant places in the country and from abroad should take place not later than one day before the planned treatment. During the consultation, the patient may ask about everything that they are concerned about the planned procedure. A specialised doctor who will perform the procedure gives a clear and in-depth description of the details of the planned procedure, agrees on and marks the scope of the procedure, as well as explains the technique of the procedure. If the patient suffers from any disorders or is on medication, they must provide that information to the practitioner, who will enter that fact in medical records. During the consultation, the patient is also informed about the dangers and potential complications related to the procedure.

Required tests

On the day of the procedure, the patient is obliged to submit results of the following tests:
1) Blood count
3) Ionogram
4) HIV and HCV tests

Procedure and stay in the clinic

The procedure is performed under local anaesthesia. The length of the stay in the clinic depends largely on the patient’s will. If there are no complications, the patient may leave the clinic one hour after the procedure.

After-treatment regime

During the first month, the patient should maintain particular caution and take care of themself even if no signs of the recently undergone procedure are visible; they should avoid extreme weather conditions, draught and intensive physical effort, swimming pool and sauna. Peace is recommended for quick healing. You should also avoid insolation, solarium. Following the instructions of the physician, the stitches are removed after 7-10 days. More information on further individual steps is received by every patient at the discharge from the clinic.

Risk and potential complications

In each case of surgical intervention, there is a possibility of infection, bleeding, permanent tensions or the formation of scars or haematomas. The doctor will inform you about specific cases and possibilities of complications during the consultation before the procedure.
As with every procedure, there is a possibility of infection, bleeding, permanent tensions or the formation of scars or haematomas. If you have any doubts you can talk with our surgeon.

Post-operative instructions

  1. Daily disinfection of wounds with boric acid, lubricating of the wound area.
  2. For 6 weeks after the treatment, you mustn’t practice any sports requiring physical effort such as: aerobics, gym, fitness, swimming, contact sports, etc.
  3. For the first 6 months after the procedure, you mustn’t use solarium, sauna or sunbathe intensively.
  4. The rest of post-operative instructions is provided to the patient after the procedure

* As each of our patients is treated on an individual basis, we inform that every medical case we consult is treated individually. Therefore, some of the above post-operative instructions may differ from those received by the patient after the procedure in the clinic.

Price list

Blefaroplasty – eyelid correction

1 treatment (PLN)
Upper eyelids
4500 zł
Lower eyelids
4500 zł

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