Not so long ago, patients of esthetic medicine clinics, who decided to rejuvenate their skin with fractional laser, have had to choose: either a treatment to guarantee great effects, but to require long convalescence, or a treatment with no convalescence required, but with hardly visible effects. Today, this issue is slowly going down in history, thanks to the cutting edge Halo fractional laser.

The most advanced technologically laser in the world

No doubts, Halo is the top technological achievement used in esthetic medicine worldwide. It combines deep skin rejuvenation and epidermis regeneration, and, thanks to its synergistic operation, brings extraordinary effects not to be achieved in other treatments. The hybrid fractional laser combines two wavelengths: 1,470nm and 2,940nm. The 1,470 nm wavelength (diode laser) is for coagulation, optimally acting on epidermal or skin nevus, sagging skin, wrinkles, texture and volume of pores. The 2,940 nm wavelength (erbium YAG laser) is for ablation: it removes stratum corneum and epidermis, makes healing faster and improves treatment effects. As the only laser in the world, Halo hybrid fractional laser makes possible to fit appropriate energy and mechanism of operation, and a doctor can very precisely select parameters of the treatment, fitting them perfectly to individual needs of his or her patient’s skin.

Impressive results, shorter convalescence and less pain

The very important issue is that we have these impressive effects without any long, compulsory convalescence, typical for more invasive lasers. Halo laser treatment takes no more than 30 minutes, and you can see the effects as early as after 1 – 2 treatments; they will remain even for several years. Halo rejuvenates comprehensively the skin of the face and other parts of the body. Laser treatments available on the market to date have not allowed to remove discolorations, small wrinkles, visible pores or scars so thoroughly, because treatment has been too shallow or too deep. Yet Halo eliminates long-time damages by operating deeply as appropriate, recovering the brilliance of the skin. The effects that can be achieved applying Halo laser are incomparably better than in case of other lasers, and, at the same time, definitely less painful, thanks to the cutting edge cooling system and significantly shorter convalescence time.

Halo – now in Holistic Clinic only

Since September this year, Halo laser skin rejuvenation treatments are available for patients of Holistic Clinic – the first and only clinic in Poland to have this most technologically advanced device.

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