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This is a blog about the beautiful side of life. About how to preserve your youth, maintain good health and constantly improve your quality of life. We focus on topics associated with beauty, aesthetic medicine and many more… We write about everything that contributes to experiencing both physical and mental welfare, for we take a holistic approach to the idea of beauty. In order to look beautiful, one needs to feel beautiful. How to achieve that? We believe our bodies, souls and minds interact with each other. Therefore, apart from contents related to care, you’ll find here various posts concerning emotion, senses, relationships, intimacy or lifestyle.

“Beauty” section is a place for texts about skin care of your face and body. We concentrate not only on natural methods, traditional and unconventional beauty products but also on newest procedures offered by broadly defined dermatology and aesthetic medicine. Thanks to our cooperation with a strong team of qualified experts, including doctors and cosmetologists from Holistic Clinic, our articles are filled with practical tips and proven medical facts.

In the “Female Galaxy” section we publish materials comprising topics related to gynecological medicine and aesthetic gynecology. The content is expanded to explaining and solving some of the most intimate problems many women struggle with. We believe in “no secrets” policy.

Whereas the “Art of Life” series concerns lifestyle in a broad sense. We would like it to inspire action and positive changes, to propose ways for personal development. It’s a space designed for articles about journeys – the ones we make to other regions of the world or Poland, as well as those we all make into our souls.

We intend to create this blog together with our readers. We would be most happy to write about fascinating travels, important experiences, new passions or interesting events. We will answer every question, even the most intimate ones. Write to us. We are waiting for your opinions and suggestions of topics that should be discussed on our blog.

Maybe you would like to publish something? Write and share with us some interesting skin care routines or experiences related to embracing your inner beauty.

We are here for you, we wish to develop with you and achieve the BEAUTY BLOSSOM together.

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