It has long been known that the best opportunity to relax is taking holiday from work. But what if you have already used all your days off or that vacation is still months ahead? Here are a few tips to help you chill out during your summer in the city.  It is still school holiday time, which means the family vacation season is now at its peak. You are fed up with all the stories about your colleagues’ summer voyages and sick of seeing them sunbathing on their Facebook pictures. You too would like to wind down, take some time off from work, get away from your daily routine… but you are currently unable to go on holiday? All is not lost yet. Check our tips to ease yourself into relaxation and relieve the tension.

1. Do a little exercise

Physical activity is a brilliant method to reduce stress. Doing sports stimulates secretion of endorphins, also called the hormones of happiness. Produced endorphins spread around the body, reaching the central nervous system, diffusing to tissues and blood – therefore helping us to de-stress and elevating our mood. Endurance sports such as running, cycling, swimming or fitness promote the release of endorphins. However, it is recommended that you choose exercises of moderate intensity – if you decide for running, it is better to jog rather than sprint. Too intensive physical effort in situations of high stress can only increase the tension – which is something we definitely want to avoid. It is also a good idea to exercise outdoors and seize the nice weather – this will additionally improve our frame of mind. 

2. Surround yourself with flowers

It is really simple. In the end, summer is a season for beautiful flowers. They can be cut and placed in a vase or planted in a flowerpot. It really does not matter. What is most important here is that they are present in every place where you spend a lot of time – e.g. on your desk at work or at home. It has been proven that flowers promote positive attitude, enhance our mood and ease the tension. Try going for a walk to a nice park or a botanical garden. Make yourself a bouquet from flowers picked on a meadow or in your garden, if you have the opportunity to do so. The action of picking flowers will be an extra stress reliever.

3. Weekends are yours.

Who said you can go on holiday only in the summertime? Get in a car, on the train or on your bike on a Saturday morning and arrange a small excursion, e.g. to another town. You can spend there just one day or stay for the night. Try to use your time as actively as possible and make sure to benefit from all attractions available in the area. Look things up on the Internet or buy a guide and start your sightseeing experience. Changing your surroundings, even for a short moment, may give brilliant results. There are numerous benefits of making a short trip like this! Most of all, you do not need to pack a whole extra large suitcase – a set of clothes and a few cosmetics will be perfectly enough for the weekend. And a rain jacket maybe? But we hope you won’t have to use it! All of this can be easily packed in a handy bag or a small backpack. This will allow you to act spontaneously. Seize the moment!

4. Take advantage of body care rituals

A two- or three-hour ritual can work miracles. It will introduce you to a one of a kind feeling of bliss and allow you to take a break from daily troubles. To truly experience the holiday atmosphere, it is a good idea to taste body care rituals from different parts of the world. Try Hawaiian, Filipino, Ayurvedic or Thai rituals. Their primary purpose is to help you achieve deep relaxation. They can also assist in the process of healing your spirit. They reduce tension and allow you to relax by applying pressure, kneading, massaging muscles, tendons and joints. Moreover, they also have beautifying properties as the therapies are usually performed with the use of precious essential oils.

5. Time for a break

If you feel that your level of stress is really high, take a break. It is best to just lay down and relax. An ideal option is a short 20-minute nap. It is a fantastic way to relax and lift your spirits. Unfortunately, this is rarely possible at work (let us be honest, it is nearly impossible). Therefore, if you cannot allow yourself a short sleep session, stand up at your desk, walk up and down the stairs, stretch, do a few squats, take a breath of fresh air. Such break can take as little as a couple of minutes, while its stress-reducing properties are absolutely invaluable. You will quickly notice that, after taking a break, your work seems to be better and more efficient. You will also tend to be more satisfied with your performance.

6. Wake up your passion

Make love and kiss as often as possible. During sex and kissing our level of stress decreases and muscle tension is relieved. The level of phenethylamine (PEA) rises instead. PEA is a type of endorphin (the molecule resembles amphetamine) responsible for good mood. It provides an experience of constant euphoria, has an energizing and uplifting effect. Kissing passionately and with dedication for just 10 seconds is enough for our body to produce a sufficient portion of this “hormone of happiness”.

7. Feel it!

Certain scents tend to irritate us, while other fragrances have the capacity to lift our spirits. If you are willing to improve your mood, try the latter. Treat yourself with a free aromatherapy session after an exhausting day at work. You can purchase special scented candles at the majority of drugstores. Your shopping will also be successful if you visit a herbalist’s – these stores offer an abundance of essential oils. Light a candle or add a few drops to a special aromatherapy diffuser, sit back and relax. A good idea is to prepare your soothing ritual in a bathroom. Add selected oil to your bath or place candles around the bathtub. Give lavender aroma a try – it removes tension and has antidepressant and calming properties. Whereas a citrus essential oil will make you feel better and full of energy.

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