Intensive skin regeneration treatments using concentrated growth factors and CGF stem cells are a perfect form of preventive procedures which stimulate the skin and facilitate its regeneration processes, thanks to an optimum amount of the formula, as well as maximum concentration of growth factors and stem cells obtained from your blood.

How does the procedure look? Your blood is centrifuged in an automated cell separator. Then, your doctor adjusts the therapy and method adequate for the needs of your skin.

CGF Harmony – if your skin requires intensive regeneration the doctor may decide to inject the obtained material suspended in gel (Activated Plasma Albumin Gel). This method ensures longer and more intense stimulation of your skin.

CGF One focuses on small areas subjected to the procedure such as: skin around your eyes and lips, neck, back of the hands or hairy skin of the scalp.

CGF Liquid is a procedure using growth factors and stem cells obtained from your blood, which is performed with needle mesotherapy technique.

What are the results of this treatment? Visible rejuvenation and refreshment of skin, reduction of minor wrinkles, improvement of the skin’s elasticity, firmness, colour and structure.

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