Rewitalizacja-odmładzanie dłoni

“The hands tell age more accurately than the face”

The area of the body most prone to aging, besides the face and neck, are the hands. Hand rejuvenation is challenging given the movement of the hands, the difficulty in implementing effective photo protection, the susceptibility of the hand to trauma, and complex anatomy of the hands. Hand aging includes skin texture issues, the presence of benign growths, nail ridging, and volume loss.

Hands begin to show signs of aging by developing “liver spots” and wrinkles. These areas of sun damaged skin, which often look like large, dark freckles, tend to appear before the rest of our bodies and faces start to show age. Some people are predisposed by heredity to develop liver spots and aging hands.

In HOLISTIC Clinic we treat the hands holistically to include the skin, nails and hand contour. Most effective procedures for hands:

  • Forever Young BBL
  • MicroLaserPeel
  • ProFrational Therapy
  • SkinTyte
  • Medical Peels
  • Mesotherapy
  • Platelet Reach Plasma
  • Hyaluronic acid or Radiesse

The simplest way to treat these sun damaged areas (liver spots) is with the newest BBL (Broad Band Light). This is a relatively inexpensive, painless, non-invasive therapy, which destroys the dark spots without damaging the surrounding tissue, and with no significant swelling or recovery time. The Forever Young BBL sends light through the skin. This light is of a specific wavelength that is absorbed by the darker tissue and destroys the darker cells. These dead cells rise to the surface and slough off, leaving behind the lighter tissue.

BBL treatment for liver spots is a gradual process. Traditional laser treatment would remove the liver spots more quickly by destroying a large amount of tissue in one session, which is very painful and causes severe swelling. Our BBL treatments are gentle and painless and therefore require several sessions. Typically liver spots can be removed in three to five sessions, but each patient is unique and it is impossible to predict exactly how many sessions will be required to remove all of the dark tissue.

When aging hands also have a component of fine wrinkles, we use the Sciton Profractional Laser for a more intense laser resurfacing solution. The Sciton Laser wipes away liver spots and tightens the skin, for complete rejuvenation of the hands.

During your initial aging hands consultation Dr Gojdź will evaluate your unique needs and explain the procedure in detail. You will have the opportunity to view before and after photos, so you will know exactly what to expect from the treatment. After your treatment, Dr Gojdź will instruct you on the best techniques to care for your skin so that your liver spots do not return, including wearing a daily sun block.