Redukcja cellulitu

Approximately 80% of women over the age of 20 are affected by cellulite regardless of their weight and size. Lean women are just as affected by cellulite as heavier women.

Cellulite will typically show up on the thighs as dimpling of the skin. It is also called “cottage cheese” because of its appearance. Cellulite can make many women self-conscious about the way they look in shorts, a swimsuit, or short skirts. Many companies have released creams, pills, and massage techniques that claim to reduce or eliminate cellulite. However, most of these are not effective, and many patients are disappointed by the lack of results.

  • Endermolab – New Medical Endermology
  • Limphatic massage
  • SkinShock
  • Radiofrequency (Exillis) for collagen remodeling
  • Mesotherapy
  • Lipoliza iniekcyjna CelluForm
  • Cosmetology – to prolong effect.

Cellulite consists of fat cells trapped within the superficial layers of the skin. The only way to smooth it out is to disrupt the connective tissue bands that hold the fat cells in place. The fat cells settle into the deeper layers and the skin looks smoother and more even.

Using the several methods, the experts at HOLISTIC Clinic can help you achieve your desired look and smooth out the “dimpled” appearance caused by cellulite.

In HOLISTIC Clinic for this procedure Dr Gojdź as a holistic practitioner of aesthetic medicine uses combination of:

Treatment begins with a consultation from one of our experts. Any questions you may have will be discussed, and a full treatment regimen will be outlined for you.

The treatments recommended in HOLISTIC Clinic are virtually painless. You don’t need to worry about applying any type of topical pain reliever before your treatment. The great thing is that once you have your desired look, it’s extremely easy to maintain!

Good diet and exercise, along with supporting treatments will help maintain your newly toned body.

In addition to having your cellulite reduced, HOLISTIC Clinic’s methods  provides many other positive benefits. You will notice decreased muscle aches and pains and increased circulation. You’ll also have increased self-confidence and a better body image with tighter and firmer skin.